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Judge Engelmayer Shoots Down a Starr

Starr International, a shareholder of AIG, is run by AIG’s former leader, Hank Greenberg. In Starr Intern’l v. Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Judge Engelmayer takes on Starr’s charge that the FRBNY ran roughshod over AIG’s shareholders when it bailed out AIG during the 2008 financial crisis. Judge Engelmayer describes Starr’s complaint as painting … Continue Reading

Judge Engelmayer on Getting It Right and Summary Judgment

Once parties decide to litigate, it’s not so easy to extricate – as Judge Engelmayer’s opinion in First American Intern. Bank v. The Community’s Bank amply demonstrates. Community’s Bank entered into an agreement with FAIB to share any Award of local development funds it received from the federal government. Sure enough, Community’s Bank was awarded a … Continue Reading