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Judge Stein on Saddam, Oil for Food and RICO

In Republic of Iraq v ABB AG, Judge Stein dismisses claims by the current Iraqi government, the Republic of Iraq, against BNP Paribas under RICO for facilitating the corruption of the United Nation’s Oil for Food Program by the Saddam Hussein Regime. The Oil for Food Program was intended to allay the suffering of the Iraqi … Continue Reading

Judge Kaplan on Fraud and Foreign Judgments

In a lengthy and fascinating opinion, Judge Kaplan explores the enforceability of foreign judgments in Chevron v. Doniger, 11 Civ 0691. The opinion concerns a motion by Chevron to enjoin a multti-billion dollar judgment entered in Ecuador for extensive damage to the rain forest, and indigenous cultures in Ecuador, and which provided for a doubling unless Chevron … Continue Reading